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Lost in The Backstage Area

18 February
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Hey, it's me. And it's my writing journal. Cool? I thought so. Mostly I didn't want to spam your journals with my usual angsty rantin' journal, so I gave my poetry a seperate section. Lovely? I thought so too.

And this is Kassie- not Katricia. Rika was apparently confused. Silly Rika, tirx are for kids :p
a life less ordinary, academia, alice in wonderland, allen ginsberg, angels, angst, anime, awareness, batman, beauty, being human, being true to yourself, betty friedan, bhuddism, bishounen, books, bookshops, campy westerns, carpe diem, catullus, causing havoc, changing the world, christopher moore, cinema, consciousness, counter-culture, creative writing, creativity, cristopher durang, culture, curiousity, david bowie, daydreaming, dead poets society, death to smoochy, different points of view, directing, discovery, diversity, drama, drawing, dreams, dungeons and dragons, dylan thomas, eastern religion, edgar allan poe, emotion, eve ensler, existentialism, ezra pound, feminism, fight club, film, flogging molly, free speech, free-thinkers, gertrude stein, guys in trenchcoats, hamlet, human nature, insanity, intelligent conversation, into the woods, jack kerouac, jack nicholson, jefferey eugenides, johnny depp, labyrinth, latin, led zeppelin, lewis caroll, life, literature, living, macbeth, meaning, men in trenchcoats, metaphors, middle eastern food, money, mythology, nightmares, nirvana, non-conformity, notebooks, oi vey, open-mindedness, orlando bloom, passion, pbem, people-watching, perception, philosophy, photography, pirates, plays, poems, poetry, psychoanalysis, psychology, quentin tarantino, questions, ranting, reading, reading poetry, rebellion, reincarnation, rpgs, russian literature, sappho, sarcasm, saturnalia, scissor sisters, self expression, self-actualization, seventh sea, simone de beauvoir, surrealism, sylvia plath, symbolic literature, the hours, the meaning of life, the mind, the rocky horror show, the salem witch trials, the scarecrow, the scottish play, the self, the soul, the stupid club, theatre, truth, understanding, uniqueness, vampires, virginia woolf, walt whitman, wanderlust, william s. burroughs, wisdom, wolfsheim, words, writing, writing comics, writing novels, writing poetry